The Archaeological and Local Lore Museum in Rzhyshchiv is a modern attraction with extraordinary artefacts in the museum's exposition that were found in the city by archaeologists during excavations. Today, 7 settlements of Trypillian culture are known in the vicinity of the city, dating from the beginning of the second half of the second millennium BC. The eighth settlement was recently discovered in the very centre of Rzhyshchiv near the Holy Trinity Church. From 1904 to 1941, this building housed a primary school. On 17 September 2011, the day Rzhyshchev celebrated its 860th anniversary, the current exhibition was officially opened for display. Almost 800 items of the main fund and the temporary storage fund are involved. Some of the items are unique in their kind. Here lives that part of the archaeological, historical, cultural and ethnographic heritage that is an integral part of our national culture. The museum includes archaeological, local history exhibition halls and an exposition of an ethnographic carpentry workshop.