The Bilytskyi Local History Museum was registered in 2021. It was created by merging the Bilytskyi People's Museum of History and Decorative Applied Arts (1972) and the Kobeliaky District Local History Museum (2015), which for a long time was the Literary Memorial Museum of Mate Zalka (1976). The combined collection includes over 2,500 museum items. These include archaeological finds, the oldest of which date back to the Final Paleolithic period; ethnographic exhibits such as towels, shirts, household items, and a weaving loom from the second half of the 19th century; and artworks by residents of Bilyky and nearby villages. The museum organizes tours to the ramparts of the Cossack fortress, the building of the two-class Ministry School (1875) located nearby, and to wooden churches in the villages of Markivka (1814) and Chorbivka (1800) within the community.