Olena Kulchytska Art and Memorial Museum, Lviv Olena Kulchytska (1877-1967) was one of the prominent figures of Ukrainian fine art of the twentieth century, the creator of new aesthetic concepts in national art. She worked in painting, graphics, book illustration, decorative and applied arts, was a teacher and public figure.
The Olena Kulchytska Art and Memorial Museum (a department of the Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv) is located in the artist's former home and creative studio at 7 Lystopadovoho Chynu Street, Lviv. Olena Kulchytska lived here in 1938-1967. The museum was opened to the public on April 21, 1971.
Four halls - a studio, a living room, a private room, and a graphics room - exhibit Olena's paintings, etchings, prints, and book graphics, as well as works of applied art such as carpets, enamels, embroidery, and original furniture. There are also memorial photographs, archival documents and materials. Some fragments of the museum's interior are recreated from archival photographs and sketches by Olena Kulchytska, which were an attempt to design a project for urban housing based on folk art.