The Chyhyryn National Historical and Cultural Reserve was established on 7 March 1989. It includes 30 monuments related to the events of the Cossacks, the Haidamach and the activities of the Kholodny Yar Organisation (1918-1923), located in Chyhyryn (the first capital of the Ukrainian Cossack state, the Hetman's residence), the villages of Subotiv (the Khmelnytsky family estate), Medvedivka, Stetsivka and the Kholodny Yar tract. Among them are monuments of national importance: Castle Hill in Chyhyryn, the settlement of the Chornolis culture (IX-VI centuries B.C.) and the Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah of the XVII century in the village of Subotiv. There are 5 museums in the town: Bohdan Khmelnytskyi and an archaeological museum in Chyhyryn, a historical museum in Subotiv, a local history museum in Medvedivka and an ethnographic museum in Stetsivka. Last year (2023) 74598 people visited the museums and objects of the reserve. The stock collection contains 46190 items.